Charity Programs-Buy and Contribute your "LOVE" with kindness, every of your purchase will help us to donate minimum amount of RM5. Share our love and care to people who need it, because we all stay at the same planet.
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Dear Value Customer / 尊贵的客户;
Thanks for visit and purchase from our online store, we are launching “Charity Programs”, which is when you purchase any product from any of our online store, we will donate to the following benefit center. “Charity Programs" will launch from period 01 February 2016 to 31 December 2016, amount of donate will publish in our facebook page and online store website.
Programs Terms:
1) Sales amount below RM20.00 will donate RM2.00 for each sales
2) Sales amount over RM20.01 will donate RM5.00 for each sales
3) All fund raise will donate to benefit center below:
-  Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia
-  Amitabha Malaysia
To made your own donation, please visit official website as below:
1) 销售数额在RM20.00以下,每笔交易将捐出 RM2.00
2) 销售数额在RM20.01以上,每笔交易将捐出 RM5.00
3) 所有筹集款项将捐献于以下受惠中心:
-  佛教慈济基金会马来西亚分会
-  阿弥陀佛援助总会
Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia / 佛教慈济基金会马来西亚分会

Amitabha Malaysia / 阿弥陀佛援助总会

Fund Donate History / 捐献义款记录   Date/日期: 04 Jan 2016

Thanks for the customer who made purchase from our store, your partial purchase amount was donate to charity center and your participate is appreaciate, we had donate sum of RM150 to Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia, and RM200 to Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor Bahru. If you like to made more donation by yourself, please visit official website, Thanks!

感谢于九月至十二月在本店消费的顾客,感谢您的参与,您的部份消费已作为慈善用途捐出. 我们已捐出RM150于佛教慈济基金会马来西亚分会, RM200于新山关爱残障儿童福利中心。


For more donation record, please visit our Facebook fan page.

Thanks again for your purchase and we thanks on behalf for your kind donation. Wish you have a happiness and happy life!
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