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Buy For Me Procedure / 代购方法:

What is Buy For Me? 什么是代购
Buy for me service is whereby customer can visit 3rd party china website to select desire product, than we will provide buy and shipping service.
代购是顾客可以在第三方中国网站选择自己所要的产品, 之后我方将提供购买与递送服务。
1) Customer can visit and to select your desire product.
     顾客可以浏览 选择您所喜欢的商品
2) Copy product URL link and send to our email at
3)Please follow the format below in your email / 电邮请依据以下格式发送:
           Name / 姓名:
           Contact No / 联络电话:
           Email / 电邮:
           Product URL / 产品链接网址:
           Quanity / 数量:
           Color or Size / 颜色或尺寸: If any / 如有
4) We will calculate the estimate cost and reply to you within 3 working day once receive your email, if you accept
     with the cost, you wil need to proceed payment and we will proceed your order.
     我方将在收到您电邮后的三天工作日内回复您, 提供您大概的产品买价,如果您接受,您必须先付产品的
5) Sevice Charge and Shipping Rate as below:
    [Product Price + Shipping to Warehouse(if any)] / 1.65 + Service Charges + Shipping Fees
    Service Charges / Link : RM5.00 for first product link, RM1.00 for subsequence product link.
    服务费 / 链接 : 第一个产品链接 RM5.00, 之后每个 RM1.00
    Exchange Rate / 兑换率 : RMB / 1.65
   Shipping Rate / 运费 :
    West Malaysia / 西马 : RM14 / KG
    East Malaysia / 东马 : RM24 / KG
    *** Like our Fan Page to get 10% discount / KG ***
    *** Sensitive Goods / 敏感货 : RM30 / Order ****
Any inquiry, please do not hesistate to contact us at
Example - Ship to West Malaysia
Product List Price : RMB56.80
Shipping to warehouse: RMB8.00
Weight: 2 KG
([Product Price + Shipping to Warehouse(if any)] / 1.8) + Service Charges + Shipping Fees
([RMB56.80 + RMB8.0] / 1.80) + RM5.00 + RM30.00 = RM71.00
Product List Price : Product A: RMB56.80 Product B: RMB108.00
Shipping to warehouse: Product A: RMB8.00 Product B: Free
Weight: 4KG; Dimension Weight: 6KG [Dimension Parcel (37cm X 50cm X 17cm) / 6000] = 5.2 KG Round up to 6KG
[Weight will base on whichever is highher between actual weight and dimension weight]
([RMB56.80 + RMB108.00 + RMB8.00] / 1.80) + RM5.00 + RM1.00 + RM90.00 = RM192.00

Term and Conditions / 代购条款

1) All order will process within 48 hours after receive payment from customer.
2) We promise to make sure your order will reach you within 7days to 21days, any delay after 21days will
    entitled 10% rebate on next order.
    (21 days not include processing day, public holiday and weekend. Rebate calculate base from product
    total amount buy, rebate not exchangeable for cash and will only can use to rebate next order)
3) We only responsible for purchasing and shipping services to meet customer satisfaction, any loss,
    quality or color issues caused by seller is not under our responsibility. Any product less or
    not tally with order, please immediately take photo of the parcel, shipping note and product
    that you receive. Send email to us and we will try to deal with seller to solve the issue.
    我方只负责代购及代运服务,我方将不承担任何因卖家所造成的货物遗失,数量或颜色不对。 如您发现
4) Color show on picture may different with actual product and size may have 1CM to 2CM different
    from actual.
5) Order made is not exchangeable or refundable after process, we will send confirmation email to
    confirm your order.
6) For those who expect immediate delivery of stock or who cannot accommodate the time line for
    delivery, we advise you not to place your order to avoid any frustration.
7)If the product you order out of stock, we will full refund your payment. We have right to reject your
    pre-order by full refund your amount due to some unforeseen circumstances.
8) We have right to amend or change the above term without prior notice. You agree to accept all the
    term and condition above by place the order with us.
   我方有权在任何时候更改以上条款而无需另行通知. 在您下单的同时,也代表着您接受所有以上