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Product Code: 99-16030801 Product Code: 99-16030802
Product Name: L'OREAL Age Perfect 
Restoring Nourishing Day Cream (50ml)             
Product Name: L'OREAL Dermo-Expertise
Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Aqua-Essence
Price: USD37.00 (Free Shipping) Price: USD33.00 (Free Shipping)


Product Code: 99-16030803 Product Code: 99-16030804 
Product Name: L'OREAL Dermo-Expertise
RevitaLift Day Cream SPF 23 (50ml) + 

L'OREAL Hydra Fresh Balancing
Refining PH6.5 
Foam (125ml)
Product Name: L'OREAL New Revitalift
Laser Renew (30ml)      
Price: USD31.00 (Free Shipping) Price: USD34.00 (Free Shipping)                    


Product Code: 99-16030805 
Product Name: Estee Lauder Make Up Gifts Set
Price: USD68.00 (Free Shipping)